Bitrise Capital was elected notary of Fil+ project to jointly build a distributed storage ecosystem


Filecoin Plus


In November 2020, the Filecoin Plus (Fil+) project was officially launched to encourage real storage on the network through tenfold rewards for valid data.


As shown in the above flow chart, the Fil+ project introduces the notary role and the concept of DataCap. Customers with real data and storage requirements can apply to a notary for a DataCap quota. After being reviewed by a notary, customers can choose a storage provider for data storage. Storage providers who accept customer DataCap allocations will be rewarded ten times as much for storage service offerings.


Incentivized by the tenfold reward, storage service providers have lowered the price of storage services one after another, and even announced that they will provide storage services for customers free of charge. In order to reduce storage costs and experience the Web3 storage method, a large number of traditional enterprises poured into the Filecoin network to apply for DataCap quotas from notaries. So far, a win-win situation for storage service providers, customers, and networks has been formed.


Notaries are located all over the world, supporting different use cases: blockchain data, media data, historical data... They strictly review the authenticity of customers and the authenticity of customer data through a systematic distribution strategy and review mechanism and make reasonable ground for the DataCap.


According to the official Twitter, the decentralized storage protocol Filecoin announced that it will launch Boost, a tool for managing data storage and retrieval on Filecoin, for storage providers. This week, pre-release testing with storage providers will begin, and it is expected to be released publicly in April this year. Storage providers running Lotus can prepare for Boost, which will provide migration support for storage providers that are separate from the Lotus program.


All Filecoin projects are completely open-source, and people from all over the world are welcome to participate in its construction. Today, the Filecoin network has more than 15EiB of storage capacity, more than 3,800 active storage providers, and nearly 300 applications.


With the continuous development and growth of the community, the Filecoin Foundation hopes to provide equal opportunities for people from different backgrounds, which will also make it easier to understand the impact of Web3 technology on different circles. The community leaders who can participate in Orbit are those who are active in the current Filecoin community, firmly rooted in the technology development of Web3 applications, leading the community, educating, and bringing more people into the field.


Bitrise Capital


Bitrise Capital is a venture capital institution focused on the blockchain sector. 100+ investment projects, 80+ service agencies, covering many countries, and the scale of funds under management exceeds 500 million US dollars.

Bitrise Capital has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, and has accumulated rich practical experience in the blockchain industry, escorting users to experience one-stop decentralized financial projects.