Bitrise Capital Participates in the Seed Round of XCarnival Synthetic Assets Agreement

Synthetic asset agreement XCarnival announced the completion of seed round of financing of millions of dollars. Bitrise Capital, Fundamental Labs, Zonff Partners, SNZ, EVG, NGC and other institutions led the investment, AU21, Incuba Alpha, DFG, WaterDrip, LD Capital, Gate, ChainCapital And other institutions participated in the investment.


XCarnival is a new generation of synthetic asset agreement, the first time-limited auction and clearing mechanism, dedicated to the construction of non-standard asset leasing, pawning and lending business. At the same time, XCarnival provides a variety of synthetic asset templates to help users quickly create financial products. The first version of XCarnival is based on the deployment of R&D on the BSC chain, while promoting R&D on ETH Layer 2 and Solana.


Bitrise Capital is a venture capital institution focusing on blockchain. Bitrise Capital has invested in more than 60 projects and managed over $200 million in mainstream encrypted digital assets.