Payment Network Roxe Capital Limited Completes Series A Financing

Recently, Roxe Capital Limited completed A round of financing. Investment institutions include Chainup Capital, Bitrise Capital, Consensus Labs, Chain Capital, Chainfir Capital, Efund, K24 Ventures, N7 Labs, Timestars Capital, OPC, PAUVEY Capital, AKG Ventures, Pioneer Capital (Bishijie), Oscar Capital, etc.


Roxe is a global payment network based on blockchain technology. It has provided ECSFin, N2Xpress, IPay Remit, Fairexpay and other banks, payment, remittance providers and consumers with the best point-to-point payment path, helping partners achieve real-time, Low-cost cross-regional, cross-currency, and cross-system payment. Prior to this, Roxe Capital Limited received seed rounds of investment from Zero2First, HBTC Labs, MNS Capital and other institutions, and the accumulated financing has exceeded one million U.S. dollars.


Bitrise Capital is a venture capital institution focusing on blockchain. Bitrise Capital has invested in more than 60 projects and managed over $200 million in mainstream encrypted digital assets.